Most of the law which governs the physics are based on time.Time is an important constraint what happens when time is too small to consider will they hold good enough as they hold now. Example: every action has an equal and opposite reaction but what if there was no time for to react back. I know argument could be time follow seamlessly and wont wait. It would be beating around the drums if we consider this as what i suggest is when we consider time to be as large as a sec we see only the first frame that would be action and the last frame reaction. The frames which cause them would be neglected.

Big Bang

This would be an interesting example: Universe creation
Consider the big bang theory, the bang which created universe would be first frame and the one which is our present is the last frame as of now and will keep changing. last frame is unstoppable(i believe) last frame follows a swapping algorithm between our past and future frames.

But consider the first second of universe formation, would it be enough to start our analysis. I say No consider 1/10 may be 1/100 or 1/1billion th of a second would it be enough I don’t know. But one thing we can conclude is first frame of action is difficult to predict. Time wont allow us. Min limit of time would negative infinity and max will be infinity.
We are considering a time frame of measurement which suit our way of calculation.
Sun fuses 620 million metric tons of hydrogen each second. That mean 1 metric ton of hydrogen would be fused in 1/620 million sec. This way it goes down further if we don’t limit the calculation but the fusion started with the first two hydrogen atom(this can be further divided to subatomic particles so on). By the time 1 sec was achieved already 620 million metric ton of hydrogen was fussed.
One more thing we can observer here is as matter gets bigger something like our universe time should be considered to even more smaller units actually some unot which would tend to negative infinity value.

Law of physics hold good for analysis of events only with limited time interval but when event gets bigger continuously growing like our universe; growth which is proportional to time, even 1/billion th of sec can make a huge difference.

In complete i will add on to it