When it comes to advancement in the field of AI artificial intelligence this famous quote hold its ground to great extent but, I think other way even if we develop a full fledged artificial intelligent system we still will be the most extraordinary computer ever built and by the greatest Creator of all “Nature”, simple reason is we created it.
Had an interesting conversation with my friends, which after all made me write this post. What is an artificial intelligence system? Simple answer is a system which doesn’t  perform computation based on a predefined code. A system which can process data dynamically according to its environment in a logical way based on its previous learning’s.  I think dynamically processing based on environment is what we call it as ambient intelligence.
Artificial intelligence is all about creating a processing device that can analyses and then process. I remember someone telling Google search is an artificial intelligent system.  Searching cannot be included into an AI system. Search, I agree it gives results as well but consider it as an AI application so its like we are asking something to the system what does it do give us a specific answer …..no it perform a search in the repository of website and give us the result. Search logic never changes based on our question, If we search apple can it make out which apple company or fruit., this is just an example.
According to me full fledged AI system should be able to process data without our help.
In developing a AI system two process are involved…..learning then processing using learned logic…. logic keeps on changing in accordance to situation understanding right and wrong. Learning process is continuous and should never stop