Application was developed to spot real-time position and timing of train with automated announcement inside the train for passenger assistance. Trains were tracked in real time on Google map and additional facilities for passenger to track train using SMS services. A two Hour train journey was demonstrated using GPS location information mimicking a real time train journey from Kottayam to Ernakulam using the developed software for academic demonstration. Project was done under the guidance of Manoj R (Assistant Professor-Dept. of Computer Science & Engg). In order to develop the project, my team went for a 2 day research oriented investigation, under the guidance of Dr Anooja Dinesh and Dinesh Babu(Chief Railway Engineer Department of Indian Railways at Quilandy, Kozhikode Junction). We gathered incite on current tracking facilities, train speed decision rules based on various topography, manual signaling mechanism and How do Indian railway deals with delay which assisted us in accomplishing our project with greater accuracy. Application was developed in Visual C# under .Net-framework 3.5 using MS-Access database.