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Epistemic beliefs’ role in promoting misperceptions and conspiracist ideation 

Reblogged : Abstract: The present study uses a series of large, nationally representative surveys of the U.S. population to produce valid and reliable measures of three aspects of epistemic…


New Research Suggests Children With Autism May Have Heightened Drive To Explain The Physical World : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR 

New Research Suggests Children With Autism May Have Heightened Drive To Explain The Physical World : 13.7: Cosmos And Culture : NPR

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Representing Categorical values in Machine learning 

Lets start with an example of categorical value, every one would be familiar with Iris dataset the species value [“Iris Setosa”,”Iris Versicolour”,”Iris Virginica”] is a categorical variable. It’s difficult to…


Embedding Ipython or Jupyter notebook to wordpress 

In this article we are going to find out how to embed a ipython or jupyter notebook to WordPress. Well I could not find any specific WordPress plugin to do…

A visualization of an emotive “virtual reality patient” experience is shown. The project, under development by Dr. Marge Zielke’s research team in the Center for Modeling and Simulation and the Virtual Humans and Synthetic Societies Lab, has received funding from Southwestern Medical Foundation.
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Emotive Virtual Patient 

Dr. Marjorie Zielke leads the research work at VHSS for the Emotive Virtual Reality Patient, which aims at creating a platform which will offer high-quality simulations, known as emotive Virtual…

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Generalized AIC (Akaike Information Criterion) 

Research work aims at introducing a new estimation method for statistical machine learning model-fit to Test-Data without Test-Data by applying Generalized AIC (Akaike Information Criterion)-Takeuchi 1976 and Empirical risk information…

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Machine Learning based Research Analytic Framework for EFT- Switching Processor interface 

Developed a homegrown machine learning based research Framework/Tool for EFT- Switching Processor interface and card authorization using TAL and TACL, achieving 90% automated research analytic validation and  50% testing support…

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Localization of Gene expression in brain Using Deep CNN 

Research work on the project is in progress, project  was started on July 15th 2017 and is targeted to be completed by Dec 2017. Updates will be made available soon.

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Statistical Analysis of various cognitive based psychological and economic bias creating various student categories 

Research work intended on analyzing why there are different category of student in terms of cognitive based knowledge acquisition and economic contribution from students even though having identical level of…

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Feature Selection using Ant colony optimization 

A novel feature selection algorithm using ACO-Ant Colony Optimization, to extract feature words from a given web page and then to generate an optimal feature set based on ACO Meta…

Machine learning, Research Project

TIBCO/Web Services Test Automation framework 

Developed an expert system, capable of picking up test cases based on predefined rules and schedule Test run 24/7 by itself. Having advanced user capability to schedule progression test cases…

Machine learning, Research Project

GPS & GSM based Real-time Train Tracking System 

Application was developed to spot real-time position and timing of train with automated announcement inside the train for passenger assistance. Trains were tracked in real time on Google map and…

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Artificial Life or the Alife, ethic concerns and what could we achieve? 

What is artificial life? Artificial life as defined by Christopher Langton “Artificial Life is the study of man-made systems that exhibit behaviors characteristic of natural living systems. It complements the…

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Creating human level AI- Beneficial AI 2017 

Creating Human level AI – Yoshua Bengio at Asilomar Conference on Beneficial AI 2017 It’s thought-provoking that Bengio’s presentation is about creating human level AI (AGI) and yet someone felt…

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Question Answering – NLP system 

Question Answering  systems are usually referred to a computer program that are capable of answering questions posed by humans in a natural language. It may construct its answers by querying…

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NIPS 2016 – highlight reel 

The Thirtieth Annual Conference on Neural Information Processing Systems (NIPS) was a multi-track machine learning and computational neuroscience conference that included talks, demonstrations, symposia and oral and poster presentations of…


1964 Ford Canada 

1964 Ford Canada. Interesred in old ford cars? Priceless article for such viewers have a look. Re-blogged :  


Smiling baby face ☺ #SimileUrHeartOutLikeTheyDo 

When you are upset, just go and watch over a small babies around you, their innocence and cuteness can make you forget anything. Nothing can be more adorable than those…

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Artificial astrocytes improve neural network performance. 

The performance of artificial networks is proved to be improving by artificial astrocytes, which scales the recent finding of direct involvement of astrocytes in brain information processing. The improvement provided by…